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Election Season in Egypt

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Photo from Executive Magazine

In one week’s time, on November 28, Egypt will go to the polls in the country’s parliamentary elections.   With next year’s (planned) presidential elections likely to be akin to those we have seen in Egypt before, this week’s contest will be the only real shot that the opposition has at gaining some ground.

I have a commentary in this month’s Executive Magazine looking at Mohamed ElBaradei’s dangerous boycott gamble and what it all means.  Check it out here.

Things in Egypt are already heating up.  Though the Egyptian government has officially pledged itself to free and fair elections, crackdowns have already started, most notably with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s main opposition party.  Police brutality – whether linked to the election or not – has stepped up too.  Earlier this month, 20-year-old Ahmed Shaaban disappeared earlier this month in Alexandria and turned up dead last week – allegedly killed by police. The authors of the Shaaban article in Daily News Egypt, Ian Lee and Jon Jensen were themselves detained and relieved of their cameras at a National Democratic Party office in Cairo just last night.

The elections should be interesting.  I’m off to Dubai at the end of the week but should make it to Alexandria and Cairo during the first week of December to get a little post-election coverage.


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November 22, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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