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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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Last week I headed up to Wadi Khaled in northern Lebanon to take a look at the situation of the thousands of Syrian refugees who have fled there since the Syrian uprisings began.  Before I departed, the Lebanese military had told me that I was not allowed to enter the border area, but refused to explain why I was denied the permission I requested from the Ministry of Defense in Beirut nor why journalists now required permission to visit the area at all.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Still Face Peril

WADI KHALED, LEBANON — In Lebanon’s northernmost corner, in a valley that juts into Syria on the map, surrounded by the country on three sides like a landlocked peninsula, thousands of Syrian refugees have arrived from Homs Province since uprisings against PresidentBashar al-Assad’s regime began in March.

While the refugees in Wadi Khaled have escaped the immediate threats in Syria, their ordeal is far from over: They are constantly nervous over an ambiguous legal status, inadequate relief efforts, Syrian troop incursions, small-arms fire from across the border, and even rumors of kidnappings of Syrians in Lebanon by Syrian forces.

“There is no safety in Lebanon,” said Mohammed Ibrahim, 35, who owned a restaurant in the Syrian border town of Talkalakh that has since been destroyed in the fighting there. “The government in Lebanon is loyal to the Syrian regime, and that is not a secret.”

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October 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm

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